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Welcome to Walking Liberty Publishing.

ebook publishing consultants

What we do.

1. We serve as consultants for people that want to self publish under their own newly formed brands but still need help with the nuts and bolts.

2. We also bring certain books from authors to market under our own brands.

As such we’re both a consultancy and something more like a traditional publishing house.

Expert services we offer:

  1. Voice to text transcription.
  2. Audio recording to text transcription.
  3. Proofreading your manuscript.
  4. Editing your manuscript.
  5. Formatting your pictures and images for print and ebooks.
  6. Formatting your text.
  7. Conversion into .doc. PDF, Epub, iBook, web and other formats.
  8. Conversion to Android app.
  9. Cover design and illustration.
  10. Obtaining ISBN numbers.
  11. Insertion into Amazon, Kindle, iBooks and other popular online publishers.
  12. Printing your book in printed paper copy.
  13. Promotional and marketing consulting.

Again, these services are available ala-carte. We’re as much or as little help as you need to make your book dream real.

Our focus is on the greater liberty/patriot community but we’re really open to any author publishing materials consistent with our values or which we feel really helps people where they are.

The feeling is indescribable when you start selling books and hearing positive feedback. You are a published author! Those ideas you had for years suddenly come alive and take on a life of their own. It leads to a deep satisfaction and pride we’d like to share with you.

Please contact us with inquiries or to get started on your project right away. We look forward to hearing from you.


The Walking Liberty Team

Walking Liberty Publishing: Update

Until further notice, please send any emails regarding Walking Liberty Publishing to

From editing to publishing, we can handle most any request for help in bringing a book to press. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Hidden Harvest on Amazon

No matter where we are, disaster and hardship can strike. This has really come home to Americans with recent hurricanes and winter storms that left tens of thousands of people without basic services like power and water for weeks on end. However, "proper prepping" isn't about fear and anxiety. A large part of it incorporates a simpler, common-sense lifestyle that's more in tune with nature and her ways.

Hidden Harvest brings mountain wisdom of past generations into the present at at time when we could all use the reassurance and reliability of solutions that have worked for hundreds and even thousands of years. We update them with modern scientific understandings of precise temperatures, moisture content, pathogenic threats, UV radiation, rancidity, oxidation, dehydration and other factors so you understand why these methods work and how they can fail.

Other books on the subject are highly specific. Whole books are written just on single topics like canning, cheese making and fermenting. This book gives you the top-down, overall introduction to ALL methods. So that even if you don't produce these foods, you will know the science involved, the advantages and disadvantages of these methods and you will know how to handle them and store them to optimal ranges.

Many techniques discussed are almost lost to time and memory but now is a great time to bring back the understandings and tools our grandparents used. We discuss root cellars, straw boxes, ice houses, springhouses and springboxes along with lots of handy ways you can use these methods rights in your own home.

Readers of all income levels, even those of limited means or no means can begin using this information today without buying fancy equipment or anything at all. No matter if you live in the city, the country or the suburbs, "prepping on a budget" isn't just possible, it can start saving you money with an improved, more natural diet right away.

Part how-to book, part reference book and part story telling, Hidden Harvest is meant to be read from beginning to end and then kept handy on the shelf for routine consultation. Make your own survival food, eat healthy through any disaster and be able to share with friends and loved ones. All popular methods are discussed and probably many that are new to you.

Replete with informative tables, formulas and curious (often adorable) hand-drawn illustrations, Hidden Harvests is a book intended to offer you many years of enjoyment, health and joy no matter what your circumstances. You will become a food storage and handling expert with practical and beneficial knowledge for everyone you know and care about.

Much of the trauma in disaster events and even resistance to prepping stems from the fact that we don't really like change or disruption to our lifestyles. However if we begin to "ease into it", the transition from fear to confidence and joy comes as a welcome change and not as a privation or punishment.

Replace that uncomfortable feeling with the joy and reassurance that comes with a solid connection to our past and to our still abundant land. Pick up your copy of Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Techniques For Rich And Poor today, read it cover to cover and email the author with your questions.

The fact is we're all in this together. And we'll continue to learn together.
Kindle Edition: Check Amazon for Pricing Digital Only

Hidden Harvest available on Amazon.

Stick It To The Man by Richard Moyer

Removal of participation from society has long been advocated by spiritualists, traditionalists and even proto-agorists like Thoreau. Stick It To The Man kind of updates this concept. It’s intended as a light read and it should be thought provoking to anyone who is considering activism as a lifestyle. However much of the examples provided aren’t about “sticking it” to anybody so much as making sound, practical lifestyle changes that will benefit you materially and intellectually.

The piece also allows Moyer the opportunity to display his awesome illustrative powers, this making this a book of fine art as well as literature. As such it makes an excellent gift to anyone considering the activist life.


Hidden Harvest; Not Just for Doomsday Preppers

Walking Liberty Publishing Presents:

Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Techniques for Rich and Poor


Preparation is the difference between crisis and inconvenience. It is the difference between grilling on your front porch after a hurricane, or going hungry.

L. Joseph Mountain’s book, Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Techniques for Rich and Poor brings “prepping” back in from the rain, and presents the cornerstone of any preparation plan: long-term food storage.

Hidden Harvest, first and foremost, features a lot of raw instruction, and it is presented in an appealing enough way that I read the book in one sitting. From drying food and skinning a deer to making cottage cheese, there’s enough information to keep someone busy playing around with food-preservation for a long time.

Secondly, Hidden Harvest features a lot of larger concepts that can be applied beyond any single application. For instance, water content and temperature are key issues in preserving food, and they apply to every type of food. Hidden Harvest explains these and other concepts carefully, so that one can apply them to any novel plan for food storage, whether it is outlined in the book or not. These broader concepts discussed in Hidden Harvest influenced my decisions as to what types of food I should stock for hurricane preparation.

Finally, the book is for anyone, no matter how committed or casual. There is hard-won wisdom for the fellow digging an elaborate bunker in Utah, and there is crucial information for the urban apartment crowd.

Many people consider car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, dental insurance and home insurance nearly essential. But what could be more essential than food and water? In an emergency, nothing else will do, and learning how to prepare for those emergencies is the first step in protecting yourself and your family.

Check Hidden Harvest out here: